In-Service Renewals

Attention: This page is for in-service renewals and requalifications ONLY.

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DCJS Registration Renewal

Renewal is a two-step process:

  1. Take and complete the online training. Once the online training has been completed, the training completion will be automatically sent to DCJS.

  2. Complete the Registration Renewal Application with DCJS:

    DCJS Online Regulatory Licensing System

    Once the training, profile, application, and picture has been completed DCJS will mail your registration.

Note about your picture:
If you are a VA resident, the DMV will use the picture you have on file. If you are out of state, DCJS will send you a DMV form to have your picture taken at a Virginia DMV.

Online Classroom Sign-Up Instructions

Read all of the instructions below. Then, create your online classroom account by clicking the blue "Create Online Student Account" button shown after the last step.

  1. Click 'Student Login'

  2. Click the 'Enroll Now' link

  3. Fill out the form

  4. Once logged in with your new account, click on 'Catalog'

  5. Find the appropriate class

  6. Register for the class

  7. Payment form

  8. Now you will have the class listed on your 'dashboard' page, under the 'active' tab. Just click the arrow to start the class.

  9. After completing the course, click on the 'completed' tab to view a list of your completed classes.

  10. Click on the course to print your completion certificate

  11. Once you have completed the course, it will automatically Transmit at 2350 hours the day it is completed.

Create Online Student Account