Below you'll find several of our most frequently asked questions. Just click on the question to reveal the answer.

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  • How do I register for a class?

    On the home page, click the category you want to attend, pick the date you want to attend, click add to cart and check out.

    Registrations can only be done online or in person, registrations cannot be done over the phone.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    1. Must be 18 years of age or older.
    2. Successful completion of all initial training requirements for each registration category, including a firearms endorsement if applicable.
    3. Must be United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.
  • What do I bring to class?

    Government issued photo ID. Class fee if not preregistered.

  • Field Print Code?


  • How long before I can start working?

    An unarmed security officer can work for 90 consecutive days while completing the compulsory minimum training requirements, provided your fingerprints were submitted on or before their date of hire and your employer provides you with a 90 day authorization document.  This document along with a photo ID must be carried on duty while performing regulated services until a temporary or permanent registration is issued.

  • How long before I get my registration card from DCJS?

    Registration Process:

    1. Attend the course at DDSTA
    2. Create a DCJS Account (This can be completed in class)
    3. Create registration application with DCJS. (This can be completed in class)
    4. Complete the fingerprinting process with “Fieldprint”. (This can be completed in class)

    Once the training is complete, the application has been made and the fingerprint have been completed, your criminal history will be sent to DCJS and if acceptable DCJS will issue the registration card.

    Once the class is completed DDSTA will notify DCJS that you have completed the course, at that time any questions on registration cards must be directed to DCJS 804-786-4700

  • How old must I be to work with a firearms endorsement?

    Minimum of 18 years old.